Cycle (2009)

Cycle is a visual poem – a meditation on the nature of landscape, time, season, and change. It was shot in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and reflects the dynamic relationships between mountains, water and sky. The pacing is leisurely, allowing the viewer to sink into the gradual yet relentless change that drives the work and the region it represents. This piece is aesthetically situated in a shared intermedia zone, drawing equally on the traditions of cinema, video, painting and photography. As such, it repudiates standard cinematic conventions. The work abandons the cut and embraces transition and metamorphosis. Filmic time and space are treated as plastic – deconstructed, fragmented, and then recombined within an inexorable flow of image, motion, and constant transformation.


Jim Bizzocchi

Glen Crawford
Director of Photography

Editing, Visual Effects, and Soundscape
Christopher Bizzocchi

Produced with the assistance of the Banff New Media Institute and the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University

© 2009 Jim Bizzocchi