Ambient Video Works

Rockface (2002/2007)


My first piece, Rockface, is a sequence of classic scenic shots from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The work explores concepts of pictorialism and scale. Time is treated as plastic and malleable – subject speed is either slowed down or sped up in most of the shots.


Streaming Video (2004)

Stream4The second series – Streaming Video – was also shot in the Canadian Rockies. The two videos produced in this series contain the same set of thirty shots. The shorter version, Streaming Video 1, is conceived as a “foreground” experience that supports continued attention. It is designed for audience screenings as an art video, suitable for festival exhibition, and has its own accompanying music track. Streaming Video 2 is longer, slower-paced, and silent. This version is designed to be a true ambient piece, a “video painting” for the home or gallery.

Winterscape (2007)

Cycle1Winterscape explores the relationship between form, content and visual flow in the context of the landscape of the Canadian Rockies. The scenes include studies of snow, ice, water, sky and mountains that play out across a range of scales – from the wide expanses of the mountain landscapes to the rich visual pleasures of the finer details of snow, rock, ice and water.

Cycle (2009)

Cycle2a(small)Cycle is a visual poem – a meditation on the nature of landscape, time, season, and change. It was shot in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and reflects the dynamic relationships between mountains, water and sky. The pacing is leisurely, allowing the viewer to sink into the gradual yet relentless change that drives the work and the region it represents.