ELO Media Art Show 2012

Morgantown, West Virginia

June 20-24, 2012


This recombinant generative video art work uses clips from several of my linear video works to create an ever-changing Ambient Video on the fly. It does so through the use of two random-access databases: one database of video clips, and another of video transition effects.  The piece will run indefinitely, joining clips and transitions from the two databases in randomly varied combinations.

Creative input to the system derives in large part with the selection of shots that the artist uses.  By choosing to use landscape images with a range of elements such as snow, trees, ice, clouds and water, Re:Cycle evokes my love of the natural environment.  These images also produce the ‘ambient’ quality I am seeking by being both engaging when viewed directly, but also easily moving to the background when not.  Another artist might choose very different images, and the resulting work could be completely different.  While I enjoy the complete control offered with traditional linear video art, I am intrigued by the different set of artistic decisions this simple generative platform can support.

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